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Presley by FinchSteal Presley :iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0 Kendall by FinchSteal Kendall :iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 2 0
Golden Glow
Waking to this foggy morn
dreading the day so forlorn
Dragging feet below
no emotion to show
eyes are deep in a haze
forever stuck in a dreary daze
skin numb to heat and cold
stance no longer tall and bold
Life has left shattered peices on the ground
In it's chains,forever bound
all enrgy has been lost in the dark
miss deeds had snuffed this spark
but what is this up ahead
something is coming to chase away the dread
it shimmers and gleams
beautiful like moon beams
this little flicker will always be in motion
once it grabs hold it causes grand emotion
the spark will relight  and combust
disintergrating despair's great lust
it fills the heart
it is a start
to a better life
with no more strife
It fills every man, woman, and child
is travels like a horse running wild
Every living, breathing being
will marvel in what they are seeing
the shadows have been lifted
death to life has been shifted
once all colors have been sold
now bathed in shining gold
wear it with pride
no loger to hide
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 2 0
I always did believe in angels
But never thought I would see one by my side
You are the definition, of perfection
A celestial being from above
You look beautiful from all angles
I don’t understand why you wish to hide
When it comes to you, I’ll give all my affection
A gift of never ending love
I may not be Shakespeare, but hear my  soliloquy
And let the whole world know, how much you mean to me
No matter the canon fire
No matter what harsh words come
Of us I will never tire
I will never come undone
You are more beautiful then you know
You shine brighter then any star
And it is time you let your light show
And shine no matter where you are
You can reach heaven’s gates
With your eternal grace
You’re something greater than the fates
You’re shining down on the human race
I am not Mozart, I cannot play that part
But though I cannot inspire, let my words transpire
Let us take this world by storm
We will never run away
Even when all seems lost and forlorn
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 2 1
Shadows loom over the land
Time ticks on in grains of sand
In this sleepy haze
Something awakens in a blaze
It is something extraterrestrial
Reaching out in a grace so celestial
Coming in fresh as a fawn
Is a delicate rosy dawn
This new light sweeps in the morn
And chases away the dark so forlorn
It awakens us from death’s grip
And frees us from our crypt
As we shake away this dreary veil
In the sky the birds do sail
Their songs clip the wind
Awakening man and his kin
Awoken now we do see
The darkness that us to be
But let us not give a care
Let us enjoy this bountiful fruit we shall share
Awoken are we from the despair
We take in the sweet new air
Love, joy, song and dance
We are not afraid to take a chance
We grow strong in a leap and a bound
We are not afraid of falling to the ground
In this world a new dawn reigns absolute
Together we stand resolute
With everything we lear
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
a Girl as Sweet as Can Be
A girl as sweet as can be,
it is you I see.
A girl who helps me when I feel low,
who helps others grow.
A girl with a heart of gold,
a heart that will never be sold.
I hope your day is sweet as honey,
for you are worth more than money.
For friendship has won in the past,
ours will forever last.
Your kindness is a luminous ray,
that will guide me when I go astray.
Happy valentines day,
please, always stay.
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
Phantom Wisp
In the everlasting forest of the sun
A wild filly runs
Her coat is white as milk
Her shining eyes are smooth like silk
She runs under leaves of fire
Under a sun who begins to tire
The autumn winds blow through the trees
Before flying off to sea
The phantom filly comes out to play
As the harvest spirits come to stay
She is a wisp in the night
A truly mystical sight
Phantom wisp gallops with pride
Offering true believers a ride
The filly fades in the silver light of the moon
With heartfelt promises of her returning soon
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
the Pirate Song
Yo, yo-ho, when the wind blows
We stand together, courage shows
Dancing wind, swirling sea
Yo, yo-ho, a pirate I be
Yo, yo-ho, when the wind blows
Our song swirls, high and low
Strong, pure, and ever love-ly
Yo, yo -ho, a pirate I be
Yo, yo-ho, when the wind blows
When dark comes, you'll know
Phantoms, ghouls, mystery
Yo, yo-ho, a pirate I be
Yo, yo-ho, when the wind blows
Winter air and snow
Cold, death, looming dark-ly
Yo, yo-ho, a pirate I be
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 5 3
She Bled For You
She would have bled for you.
she loved you with every fiber in her being,she saw you as her hero.
She made sacrifices for you,she changed who she was to make you proud.
But you still did not accept her,did you?
You stared down at her for being different.
You shook your head when she came to you.
You did not listen when she told her story but she listened to yours.
You disapproved of who she loved and what she did.
You yelled at her and banished her.
However, she returns to fight for her right to be with her family.
Both of you stare into each others eyes as the battle rages.
Her love for you still shimmered in her crystal eyes.
you ignored this and nearly struck her down, But your lover took the hit.
Your lover knew that this girl was worth it, that this girl was family.
You stare down at your lover and you fall to your knees, crying.
She looks at your lover with tears.
She crawls to her fallen friend and she takes one last look at you.
she utters as  she smiles at you"I love
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 3 2
Never Forgotten
I am dead
I lay on the ground,motionless
Every one gathers around, saying how the girl with many colors fell
They take the pale corpse to a room
You stand over the body, regretting
You hope for a sign of life
nothing, but the silence fills the room
Silent tears of silver flows down like rain
While the melancholy scene plays,I awaken
I float like a leaf in the wind
No longer bound by flesh I hover
I am a blue mist of intelligence
I watch with great grieve as you mourn
I lay a hand on your shoulder but you brush it off as if it was a mere breeze
Death has come for me
he leans on his staff and pulls me close
Like a moth in a beam of light, I follow
I begin to forget all of my years of life
however, a sound makes me stop
your mournful cry fills the air and I remember
I remember the love, the pain,the hardships and the joy of life
I pull away from death's dark cloak I stand tall
a shimmering figure that fades in and out of your vision
I stretch out my arms and raise my voice
My dearest one,
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
A Hollow Memory
The cold, the cold has come
Silent, dark, lonesome
The winter winds blow and curl
Like Billowing waves they twirl
I think back to the days of lore
Of the life that is no more
The days of laughter and dancing
The days in which the sun was enchanting
But alas, the sun went away
Something sinister has come to stay
I remember memories so hallo
memories that are now silent,O bscure, and shallow
A life that long went bitterly rotten
A life oh so long ago was forgotten
No more honest words fly free
Only lies and revulsion is what I see
I am nothing more but a naive child
That silly little filly that gets lost in the wild
Those who pass by do not know
what lies forgotten under the snow
The dancing and rushing of song
Was once what made this land so strong
The laughter disappears in a haze
The shadows has become a maze
Why,why must this passion depart
page4)   Why is hatred the thing we take to heart
Alas, soon there will be no more light of day
Soon, I will not be able to stay
For I
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 0 0
Darkness Rising
If  I were to die tomorrow? would you care?
Would you try to save me if you dare?
Do I matter?do you love me?
Promise.....promise you'll never leave.....
this world is twisted and dark.
no one cares for that innocent spark.
If I was gone will you notice?
the shadows...they are coming for me....
Evil as black a night.
It has come to steal my light.
HELP! HELP! it is tearing me apart.
it crunches my bones and eats my heart.
it's stealing my soul
I am now a shattered doll
Broken and forgotten
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
You Asked Me Where I Come From
I am from America,
From the cultural melting pot.
I am from my ancestors who longed to escape war.
I am from the forebears, who dared to dream,
Not of outrageous thoughts, but of freedom.
I am from fifty gleaming stars shining over a deep blue darkness,
From the blood and innocence of a young nation.
I am from a land that never says never,
From brute strength and intelligence.
I am from the soldiers that march into war,
From fighters who carry golden hearts.
I am from silver tears of sorrow,
From numbing feelings of despair.
I am from crimson rage,
From anger shouting "No more!"
I am from the colorful dawn,
From the rosy new hopes and orange happiness.
I am from America,
From a heart bleeding love,
A heart that beats with millions ready to fight for you and only you.
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of faces. they walk by, ignoring me. they don't say hello or give a friendly remark, they just shove by. I am like a ghost, a unknown thing. I am surrounded by thousands but I feel so alone. I am suffocating, dying to find myself. but the faces, they come and ease me into the uniform lines. I fight them but as a result...I am alone.I shine my true colors and they fade away from me, calling me FREAK, UGLY, LOSER, WORTHLESS, WEAK. Why,....why must I drown in the bitterness. Can any one  hear my muffled voice screaming from the abyss? Am I really going to be left alone in this heavy nightmare? My lungs feel like they are about to burst and I struggle to reach the morning light. I long to smell the sweet air, but here I am,...sinking.  Is there any one out there who will save me?
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
Colors of the Heart
Red: Burning passion that never dies.
orange: wisdom that sheds light upon times of darkness.
yellow: Joy and laughter that warms the soul.
green: Blooming new beginnings were new things can be found.
blue: Calm and silence that flows with the universe.
purple: Knowledge of all of the riches of life.
these are the colors that fill my soul, the colors that make me what I am. the colors I will gladly share with you. say the word and feel them. can you hear the songs of all of god's creatures? Do you long for his embrace? follow me into the light of day and forget the darkness. come dance in the colored hues and embrace who you are.
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 1 0
Words of the Wise
Keep your heart open and others will open their hearts to you.
dare to dream and your hopes will come true.
never say never and the darkness shall fall.
:iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 2 0


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{Comm} Finch by ThinkingBadger
I wanted to get some practice doodling some mild adult work.Note, I will have a few rules. I will do pin ups of couples but they will be POSING together, absolutely NO SEXUAL actions will be allowed. Secondly, I will not do anything involving fetishes, this is for pin ups not for fulfilling your kinky fantasies. If you try to bully me into doing anything I am not cozy with remember these are REQUESTS, I am not asking for payment so I will decline you and focus on those who are actually going to be respectful with their requests. I am doing this mainly to try to practice anatomy and posing, so those who make the requests will be helping me so the image is like a reward for your help~ Please keep this between one or two characters .

1):iconmr-dewittt: Aoife x Cleo

2):iconnorri-girl: Kaiae

3):iconxxfalleyxx: Cowboy troy

4):icondweeblet: Era


Votes are in, and the winner for next adopt batch is Villain adopts. What form of payment should I do? 

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